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अत्रास्ति न संदेहः केवलं समाधानम्

Mr. Kapil Shastri

Best Astrologer in India

Sixth Sense Astrologer is one of the leading Astrologer based in India that provides services like Vedic Astrology, Astro Predictions, Horoscope Reading, Vastu Consultation, Puja and Yagna & Gemstone Consultation Services.

Sixth Sense Astrologer team is led with Shri Kapilji who is highly experienced and renowned Astrologer. Mr. Kapil Shastri is one of the best astrologer in today’s era. Its difficult to experience such a great personality when there are demands and expectations everywhere.

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We believe in a solution first
approach for all works

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We research your horoscope deeply before giving you any solution.

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We always provide a
properly researched solution and guidance.

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All the discussions and consultations are always kept secret.

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We believe in long term solution. Your satisfaction is our goal.


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Kapil Shastri
Kapil Shastri
World famous astrologer
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Healing power

Our diverse portfolio represents decades of construction experience backed by a passion for quality, outstanding client service industry technologies.

Dhyan mundra
Dhyan mundra

Explore the real beauty inside you.

How to do meditation ?
How to do meditation ?

Hire us for the best practice of meditation.

Stone therapy
Stone therapy

Crystals and stones are best healing materials.

Namaskar mudra
Namaskar mudra

Surya namaskar is one of the most efficient morning excercise.


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Happy customers

What my customer says

When my life was in "many problem no solution" Kalil sir gave me "if there is a problem there is a solution". Genuine person with a highly spiritual a...

prem chaube

He is very kindly person. His predictions and solutions are very perfect . Feel devotional... It's amazing.....

Kamlendr Singh

Perfect prediction by kapil shastri, He is a really good person, good Khowlage in astrology, kapil ji given me best remedy I have done my work now I'...

Baria Vinod

Hello Kapil Bhai your are best person,tame kidhutu tamne baby avse mane 48ma varse mare tya baby no janam thayo apnu kidhu badhu ekdam perfect che. S...

Suresh Prajapati