Few Words about Mr. Kapil Shastri

A great Personality who Simply Touches Lives

Mr. Kapil Shastri is one of the best astrologer in today’s era. Its difficult to experience such a great personality when there are demands and expectations everywhere.



Biggest Qualities that you will experience while interacting with Mr. Kapilji also known as “SHASTRIJI” are Politeness, Humbleness, Extremely understanding and compatible nature and Jolly Nature.

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Young Age Phase of Mr. Kapil

Before he got inspired to serve people

Naturally being an active person, Mr Kapil used to be one of the naughtiest child in his school days. He possessed all kinds of naughtiness and ways of pranks before people and we can say he enjoyed his school life to the max.


As what happens with greatest people, He was not one of the brightest student and was not fond of studies.


Unlike other common person, He was not interested in material stuff and enjoyment and has many questions of mysteries of nature and God in his mind

Lifechanging Moment, “The Enlightenment

Part of Life that created the real “Shastriji”

This was one of the most difficult timespan for Shastriji as well as for his family

After clearing his graduation, He felt like something he was missing in his life. There was one day that came when he left his house empty pocket in search of truth of life and God.


He traveled hundreds of miles from north to western part of India and finally he found a great place near the Bank of River Narmada. The place is also known as Kabirvad.


This was the place he felt like staying more and have meditation. He found a great place within forest near River Narmada and started his Meditation or SADHANA in there.He was tested by Nature and Animals but he didn’t moved from that place. There was complete darkness and no lights in those days. People initially didn’t knew him and hardly any of those knew where he sat for Meditation. The bank of River Narmada where he used to have shower early morning had huge crocodiles within and there were wild animals like wolf, Panther, Lions etc in that forest as well. Poisonous snakes were like staying with him in the same place.


He did Various Sadhnas and Meditation without expecting any help from natives of that village and without expecting any single penny. This was also the time when few of villagers try to know about him and started to give time for him. His honest nature and qualities slowly started to attract all nearby villagers and he became popular with the name “Shri Prabhu”


Siddhis, Powers of Shri Kapil Shastriji

Shastriji, The Spiritual Healer”

One of the greatest Siddhi of Mr. Kapilji is his Sixth Sense. His predictions are highly accurate and its like an “Arrow shooted from a Bow”.


After Another greatest quality or power of his personality is his nature of unexpectations. whenever he is sitting with his followers or any person for consultation, He never has any expectations. He is similar to every person, whether poor or rich.. Clever or Dumb.


Simplicity, Honesty and Wellwishing nature are also one of his greatest qualities.


He possess the power to heal a person in no time. Time and people are the witness of what he did to heal few victims and affected of negative energies. 


He Possess great knowledge of Ancient Vedas like Rudveda, Samveda, Atharvaveda, Garudpuran, Bhagvatgita, Ramayana, Shivmahapuran etc.

Note:  This are not the words mentioned by Shastriji himself. I am the person who heard about this all from his families and followers and feel very happy to share with all visitors of this website.